COVID-19 Updates


We would like to acknowledge the collective effort in the below guidelines – in particular the thorough presentation of material by HERE Arts Center and the robust research from the Dance Studio Alliance as included in Dance/NYC and Gibney Dance Center. New information regarding the nature of disease and prevention of COVID-19 is released ongoingly, and we are working together as a community of arts organizations to adjust our guidelines accordingly. It is nearly impossible to guarantee protection for any visitor to our buildings by setting guidelines like those below, even when they are followed completely. As we work together to create guidance, we also need the full participation of our community to realize the safest possible spaces to continue our work during a global pandemic. As HERE so eloquently says: We are all in this together.


Vaccination Mandate Compliance

In accordance with New York City’s vaccination requirements, visitors 12yrs+ to all indoor activities at arts organizations and dance studios are required to provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination from one of the providers authorized by the WHO. The CDC definition of vaccinated, means 14 days have passed since the final shot of a WHO or FDA approved vaccine. That list includes:

Visitors 12+ may submit their vaccination documentation prior to arrival using THIS FORM. Alternatively, visitors may present their original vaccination record (paper or photo) or an authorized vaccination app (Excelsior Pass or NYC Covid Safe) upon arrival. Please note that ALL visitors, regardless of advance documentation, will be required to show a valid photo ID to verify their vaccination documentation.

Since NYC has expanded its mandatory COVID-19 vaccination proof requirements (“Key to NYC”) to include children ages 5 to 11. Families currently enrolled in BAX classes should please submit their proof of vaccination using THIS FORM as soon as possible. At this time, at least one dose is required for ages 5 to 11.

For more city resources about the Key to NYC, vaccine sites, and incentive programs, please check out the following:

BAX is pro-vaccination and also realizes this mandate’s scope and implementation leave much to be desired in terms of equity for communities of color and persons with disabilities, many of whom have been the first to be threatened by the pandemic and too often the last to be protected. We are involved in several advocacy efforts to address the complexity of this issue, and invite you to join those efforts. More information is available at the bottom of this page.



In accordance with current CDC recommendations all visitors 2yrs+ to BAX are required to wear a mask securely over their nose and mouth. Bandanas or neck gaiters are discouraged for this purpose, and BAX can supply free surgical masks at our Reception desk. Masks should be on at all times while indoors, including in the studio(s), office(s), and while engaging in physical activity. We understand that the nature of performing arts work does not reasonably allow for physical distancing at all times, and this fact makes masking even more important as we all do our best to curb the rise in COVID cases even among fully vaccinated individuals.



Children under 5 years of age are exempt from the vaccination requirement until further information is available.

The current mandate does not provide for any other exceptions to vaccination for entry to indoor activity at an arts organization. BAX has endeavored to create thoughtful online alternatives to some of our programming that would qualify under the mandate’s “reasonable accommodations.” At this time, there is no comparable alternative available for rehearsal or other space rentals. If you have questions or ideas about a reasonable accommodation for you, please email

*All of the above guidance also applies to organizational staff.


If you wish to ask more specific questions or to make comments about the mandate, please contact the Mayor’s Office by calling 311 or visiting this pageAlternatively, you can contact these officials with whom we have been advocating for a more equitable and thoughtful approach to COVID-19 regulations:

Commissioner Gonzalo Casals (Cultural Affairs)

Commissioner Anne Del Castillo (MOME)

Commissioner Tisch (Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications)